Supply Chain that Drives and Meets e-Commerce Customer Expectations
Presented by: Tom Craig
Date: Wed, January 17, 2018
Time: 1:00 pm ET | 12:00 pm CT | Length: 60 min


Compete with E-Commerce Leaders: Restructure Your Supply Chain Strategies

E-commerce has redefined selling. It is about customer expectations. E-commerce success is driven by supply chain management, which is the driver of satisfying customer service expectations. However, the traditional supply chain is different from what firms are doing now. The standard supply chain cannot meet customer demands: It is not made to do it. Supply chain transformation is mandatory. Traditional supply chains do not deliver what is required with the reality of selling online. The change from cases and pallets to shipping single items is a strategic change for retailers and manufacturers.

E-commerce sales have been expected to exceed $400 billion in the United States and over $2 trillion worldwide for 2017. For more perspective, Amazon Prime has 90 million subscribers in the United States and Walmart plans to grow its e-commerce by 40% in the next two years. And, supply chain finance is expected to be over $2trillion market for Chinese internet firms! This is not a time to be slow to act with e-commerce. It is not a time to cut corners with your supply chain and your ability to drive customer expectations.

What is happening now will continue and escalate. The next five years will be about supply chain and logistics transformations, and higher customer expectations. Greater order-delivery speed means accelerated supply chain velocity—velocity squared. It will be about blockchain, digitalization, Internet of Things, 3D printing, robotics and drones, and the changes will keep going.

Manufacturers and retailers need to adapt to be successful online. It is a global phenomenon, and you must transform to the new supply chain to deal with the Amazon effect and with the risk of being “Amazoned”. So what do you do, and how do you do it? There must be a revolution in supply chain management. Are you and your supply chain ready?

Join expert speaker Tom Craig in this session, where he will discuss what is required with supply chains to not just sell online, but meet customer expectations for order service. This session will help you implement the supply chain that is required for e-commerce to satisfy customer expectations.

You will learn that supply chain management is driving e-commerce success; that success is defined as meeting customer expectations with order-delivery. You will learn what is required with supply chain management—the new supply chain—to meet those expectations. You will also learn the essentials of the new supply chain required for e-commerce. You will also learn about the new supply chain, what it does, and how it is designed and operates. You will get the big picture and strategy and the operations and tactical aspects to deal with the selling reality and order-delivery reality of e-commerce.
Session Highlights
  • What is happening in e-commerce: The new selling reality, the Amazon effect, and being “Amazoned”
  • Amazon effect: The perspective
  • Traditional and new supply chains
  • Supply chain necessities
  • 3PL assessment for e-commerce
  • Optimizing supply chains: Upstream to downstream
  • Supply chain transformation

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About Our Speaker
Tom Craig is a leading supply chain and logistics consultant with LTD Management. He has real-world logistics and supply chain experience. His experience and capabilities are cutting-edge and bring authority and domain expertise to clients. He also guides discussions on transforming supply chains. Tom is a change maker...[Know More]