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LTD provides supply chain consulting and strategic logistics planning based on real-world supply chain experience, both domestic and global. We are not generalists who pretend to know supply chain management. We are not career consultants who do not know the day-to-day realities of supply chain operations. Our experience benefits clients because we are able to better understand their problems and needs and able to develop solutions that work, all at a lower cost to them. We develop a customized logistics strategy that will lead to global success.

Clients are manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, 3PLs and other logistics providers based in the US and internationally. Whether the need is domestic or global, strategic or tactical, operations or cost improvement, startup or existing business, LTD provides effective solutions and strategic logistics planning.

LTD was started in 1995. We pride ourselves on what we deliver to clients. We tell clients that they do not have to continue to use us if they are not satisfied with the logistics strategy we have provided them. No client has terminated our work.

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