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Logistics--Five Key Issues for Logistics Effectiveness.

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Logistics is a process which interfaces and interacts with the entire company and with external companies, vendors, customers, carriers and more. Logistics is responsible for the movement of products from your vendors right through to the delivery at your customer's door, including moves through manufacturing facilities, warehouses, third-parties, such as repackagers or distributors. It is not shipping and receiving, nor is it traffic or warehousing. It is more.

Logistics must make work effectively. This is required by your customers and, in turn, by your company. For effective logistics, there are five key issues--

Conclusion. Logistics is a process which runs from the vendor's door through to the customer's. It interacts with almost every group within the company and with many companies outside the company, including its customers. Effective logistics revolves around five key issues--movement of product, movement of information, time/service, cost and integration. Each of this is critical to the success of logistics and to creating value-added to the company and improving competiveness.