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Many manufacturers and retailers struggle with the sales duality that e-commerce has created. E-commerce is the new retailing, regardless of a company's industry or business. It is very different from selling in stores; it is very different from production and shipping orders. Companies must sell via multi-channels, namely multiple touch points with customers.

E-commerce is very different as to order sizes, mix, shipping preparation, and delivery requirements. Online sales have moved past just having a website and shipping orders. Customers want their orders delivered quickly after placing them; immediacy—delivering orders within 48 hours, or less--is the expectation.

The key challenge firms have with meeting omnichannel demands rests with firms' supply chains. Standard supply chains were designed for a specific purpose. Forcing supply chains to do more than they were meant to do is not agility; it is a sales failure. The new sales duality—omnichannel—is driven by the New Supply Chain duality.

The New Supply Chain redefines supply chain management and—

The New Supply Chain enables a firm to be more responsive to customers. It compresses time. All of it builds brand and creates competitive advantage and value to customers. Innovative supply chains can support blue ocean business strategies for global e-commerce. All of this means increased revenue and profits.

One-size-fits-all supply chain is facing its end. It served its purpose. The New Supply Chain and Immediacy is faster, leaner, and responsive.

Reality is there is supply chain duality to service channels. The present/existing supply chain is designed to serve its traditional purpose, such as retail stores, while the New Supply Chain delivers the Customer Experience for e-commerce sales.

Immediacy will not stop with e-commerce. It will move across markets, industries, and the world. Companies should choose to be leaders in this innovative change with the New Supply Chain. Followers remain followers.